Renea MENZIES - 3-D Florals

Artist Statement: “My creative soul was inspired by a desire to evoke my emotions at the deepest level with vibrantly colored swirls that exude off the canvas and into the heart of the viewer.”

ReneaMenzies’ rise in the art world is as unique as her canvases of vibrantly colored 3-D flowers. In the beginning Renea started experimenting with different mediums – acrylic and mixed media formats. She now works exclusively with oil and has developed an original and popular floral style that has landed her work in prestigious galleries across the country.

In creating her art, Renea uses various-sized pallet knives to blend a variety of rich, jewel-toned colors. She then swirls the paint onto the canvas to create a beautiful blend of colors that transform into leaves. On a side canvas, she shapes and contours paint into a multitude of sculptured oil flowers and delicately transfers them onto the leaves that she has already created. Once the paint is partially dry, she applies a glaze, which gives the painting a glass-like appearance. Depending on the size of the canvas, Renea’s sculpted flowers can be two or three inches high, and create this mesmerizing 3-D effect.

“My intention is not to replicate nature in its entirety, but to vibrantly portray the distinctive form and movement of each petal and leaf. I sculpt and texturize to reflect both the luminous light and the esoteric shadow of each individual floret. My ambition to convey life is echoed in the detail of each heavily textured flower, bringing exclusivity and vitality to every piece.”
Renea’s path from the runway to the art world:
Spending her formative years as a professional model on the runways of Tokyo, Paris, Mexico and Spain, Renea eventually realized that she wanted to develop her artistic abilities and pursue her true dream. She came back to the United States to work on the other side of the camera as a makeup artist, and then progressed on to the world of sculpted oil.

A mother-of-two resides in Aspen, Colorado. Painting is a complete release for her – she lets her imagination run wild on canvas, and her free-spirited way of looking at the world is reflected in the mirage of colors that exude from her paintings.

Renea’s success can be attributed not only to her beautiful work, but also to her persistence and business savvy. By initially visiting galleries with samples of her work in hand, Renea has carved out a name for herself in the world of modern art. Her unique sculpted oil flowers have garnered interest from gallery owners, collectors and art enthusiasts nationwide, with various galleries currently showcasing her work. Her paintings have been featured in prominent art exhibitions, on the pages of magazines such as Art Quarterly, Modern Luxury, American Art Collector and on the cover of Art Business News.

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