Autumn's Promise

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 Autumn's Promise - Artist enhanced limited edition giclee on canvas by Jennifer Vranes

Diptych height x width:
36x15"(2) - edition of 50
48x20"(2) - edition of 50
60x25"(2) - edition of 50
72x30"(2) - edition of 50
*Custom sizes may also be available

Giclée (“zhee-klay”) is a French word meaning to spit or spray ink. The pigmented inks are sprayed on the canvas in tiny droplets of approximately one million per square inch. The Giclée printing process provides better color accuracy than any other means of reproduction.

The limited edition giclées by Jennifer Vranes are printed on canvas and gallery-wrapped around 1 1/2" heavy-duty stretcher bars.  The artwork comes ready to framing necessary!  Vranes heavily enhances each reproduction with a palette knife, to add texture and dimension.  Each giclée is hand-signed and numbered by the artist.  Vranes keeps the collection truly "limited" with editions of only 50.