Imre BUVARY - Romantic Realism

After more then 60 years of painting Mr. Buvary (born 1937 Budapest) retired and is enjoying Bay Area living.

Unlike many artists of the genre that communicate through shock value, Imre Buvary has a different view. "I do not wish to shock people, nor give them excitement. What I would like to advocate in my art are peace, harmony and love." Truly, Imre Buvary has accomplished his goal admirably through the grace and beauty of his art.

He refers to himself as a Romantic Realist. Born in Budapest, Hungary, this dedicated and disciplined artist is a staunch advocate of the standards of classic and romantic art. Unashamed to embrace the traditional concepts of beauty, he creates art in the spirit of pure historical aesthetics...those tenets that have appealed to humankind throughout history.

Distinguished through the United States and Europe, Imre follows the time-honored traditions of the 18th and 19th century European masters in his technique and discipline. A gentle man, Imre seems to create in a realm that supersedes any transient trends that may cloud the issue of relevancy or content. Imre Buvary simply and eloquently shows us the results of his masterful use of composition and color as a way of sharing; of gently calling our attention away from the hectic pace of our lives and allowing us a tranquil space in time...a space in which to appreciate the simple concept of beauty.

Always concerned with preserving the priceless images of art regardless of the artist, Imre Buvary has also studied and practiced art conservation and restoration, and has had the opportunity to restore a number of priceless antique paintings. He treats the art of others with the same respect he shows for his own creations, a truly noble and historically responsible characteristic.

Imre has been featured on CBS Television and has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in the United States and Europe, including Budapest, Bulgaria, Amsterdam, London and Vienna. An appreciative public collects his work as quickly as he can create his paintings, which is very gratifying to this modest and gifted individual. His work resides in a number of significant collections, including that of Ronald and Nancy Reagan.