About Fine ART Napa

Fine Art Napa features artwork by several renowned artists as well as emerging local California international artists

  • Hyperrealism by Master Watercolorist - ERIC CHRISTENSEN
  • Contemporary Realism and Abstracts - CHANDLER
  • Philosophical Symbolism - PETE TILLACK
  • Romantic Realism - PATRICK O'ROURKE
  • A World of Happiness - MIKKI SENKARIK
  • Abstract Sensualism ® by the Master of Metal - CHRIS DERUBEIS
  • Impressionism - LEON ROULETTE
  • Textural Impressionism - SUE AVERELL
  • 3 D Impressionism - ISABELLE DUPUY
  • Textures of Life - JENNIFER VRANES
  • And more!

Contact us at:

  • Email: info@fineartnapa.com
  • Phone: (800) 322-1870

Who we are:

Fine art Napa is a family owned and operated Gallery.  It was established in February 2016 by the established Gallery owners of Gallery 1870 in Yountville California.

We ship artwork all over the world!

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