Patrick O'Rourke - Romantic Realism

Napa Valley Wine Country Artist Patrick O'Rourke at Gallery 1870 in Yountville standing in front of his painting Sunset at Silver Oak.

Patrick O'Rourke - Romantic Realism

Wine Country artist Patrick O'Rourke loves to paint the beautiful Napa and Sonoma valley landscapes he is surrounded by.  Besides painting, one of O'Rourke's favorite pass times includes riding around on his motercycle taking in the breathtaking views.  These inspiring views often become the subjects of his next painting.  If you love wine country, you will love Patrick O'Rourke's collection of original acrylics and limited edition canvas prints.

Inspired by his mother, an artist who works in oils and pastels, Patrick O'Rourke began painting at an early age.  by the time he was four, he knew his destiny: he would grow up to be an artist.

When O'Rourke was twelve, his family moved to Sonoma County, California.  They bought two acres of land in a remote area outside of Santa Rosa and the whole family helped to build a house there.  Fascinated by his surroundings, Patrick loved to explore and draw everything he saw.  These early memories created a passion for Northern California landscapes and the beauty that surround the wine country.

Throughout high school O'Rourke took every art course available, quickly surpassing his teachers' abilities.  His insatiable love of art caused him to research, study, and practice techniques of artists he admired as well as to experiment in whatever medium or directions his imagination led him.

Through these processes, acrylics and airbrushing become Patrick's favorite avenues to express his creativity.  While still in his late teens, he found his talents being sought for product logos and magazine covers.  Today, O'Rourke's over fifty years of experience is evident in the attention to detail and creative use of color found in his stunning landscapes and still lifes.

Artist Statement:

"I have had a lifelong passion for the sweeping vineyards and oak studded hillsides of the wine country.  I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of bringing to the canvas the distinct colors of the land, from the early morning mist on the vines in spring, to the golden leaves of harvest."  - Patrick O'Rourke